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The Ultimate Car Sunshader

The Ultimate Car Sunshader

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Our bunny face slippers are the perfect blend of comfort and fun. Made from soft plush material, these slippers will envelop your feet in a warm embrace.

What makes them truly unique?

Every time you walk and press down on the heel, the bunny's ears lift up, creating a playful and whimsical effect.


With a non-slip sole and comfortable padding, these slippers are ideal for keeping you cozy at home while adding a touch of cheer to your day.


The Sunshader fits all type of cars choose the right size for your type of vehicle either it's a SUV, Coupè or any other

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🐰Step with style and fun🐰

These slippers are ideal for keeping you cozy at home while adding a touch of cheer to your day. They also make a perfect gift for anyone who loves bunnies and original details.

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Avoid Falls 😇


Walk with confidence knowing your steps are secure.

The Jumpy Bunny slippers feature a high-quality, non-slip sole made from durable rubber.

This ensures a firm grip on any surface, providing stability and preventing accidental slips and falls.


Enjoy all-day freshness with every wear.

Crafted from premium breathable mesh fabric, the Jumpy Bunny slippers keep your feet comfortably cool and dry.

This material allows for optimal air circulation, reducing sweat and preventing odors.


Designed with a waterproof exterior, the Jumpy Bunny slippers protect your feet from moisture and spills.

The outer layer is made from a specially treated, water-resistant fabric that keeps your feet dry and comfortable, whether you’re lounging indoors or stepping outside briefly.

☀️ Comfort All Year Round ❄️

Summer Model☀️: Feel the breeze on your feet with our summer slippers. Featuring an open-toe design, these slippers are perfect for keeping your feet cool and airy, ideal for relaxing on hot days.

Winter Model❄️: Wrap your feet in warmth with our winter slippers. Designed for maximum coziness, these closed-toe slippers are your refuge against the cold, keeping your feet toasty and comfortable even on the chilliest days.

Choose the model that suits the season and enjoy comfort with every step.